2015 Barnes & Noble Show Awards Announced

Feb 8, 2015News

A dozen artists were honored for outstanding work in the Penfield Art Association’s 2015 Winter Show.

The exhibit, which runs through Saturday, Feb. 28, is on view at the Community Room at Barnes & Noble, 3349 Monroe Ave., Pittsford, N.Y. A total of 87 paintings in a variety of media by 40 artists are on display.

The best of show award went to Rose Welch for The Power of Memory.

Juror Awards went to: Joy Argento, Delicate Strength; Doris Hooker, Spring Rush; Erika Hutch, Reflections of a Zen Master; Denise Rizzo, Coastal Surge; Fred Smith, Homestead; Richard Thomas, North Country Farm; Kathy Wagner, Grandpa; Rose Welch, Twin Sisters.

Merit Awards went to: Joy Argento, Sheet Music; Francis Carducci, To the Light; Erika Hutch, Garden Jewel #2; Cris Metcalf, Mendon Ponds; Denise Rizzo, Nova Scotia Light; Richard Thomas, Boardwalk; Myrna Watskin, Beginning.

The juror for this year’s show is Rochester artist and educator Denise Heischman. Show chair is Myrna Watskin and co-chair is Yeou-jih Yang.

The exhibit is open daily through Saturday, Feb. 28, during store hours, 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.