Awards and Complete List, 2022 Winter Show

Feb 2, 2022Members' Area, News

PAA’s Winter 2022 Show Awards were announced Feb. 2 during an online meeting. Here’s a list of the winners followed by information about all of the paintings in the show. Some of these works and all of the winners can be seen in the companion online show.

Best of Show: Pied Piper (left), pastel, by Victoria Brzustowicz

Juror’s Awards: Rooftops – Croatia, watercolor, by Linda Delaney; Purple Majesty, alcohol ink by Eileen Goldgeier; Crescent Beach, Oregon, oil, by Patricia Gough; Discovery, oil, by Andrea Nadel; Cobbs Hill, watercolor, by Helen Presberg; Spring is Here, acrylic by Teri Silsby.

Merit Awards: Deer at Dusk, Scott’s Place, watercolor, by Doug Bloom; Erie Canal Sunset, oil, by Patricia Gough; Miss Love, oil, by Jane June; Autumn Preview, alcohol ink, by Linda Marzano; Ready to Harvest, oil, by Andrea Nadel, and Contemplate, acrylic, by Gail Rivera.

The judge is noted watercolor artist and Finger Lakes native Valerie Larsen. She is a member of two national groups, the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor USA Honor Society. Larsen’s work appears in six Splash watercolor books and she has participated in numerous national exhibits. She has taught workshops and is an instructor of watercolor at her studio.

The in-person exhibit runs until Saturday, Feb. 26, at the Barnes & Noble Pittsford store at 3349 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY. The show is open daily during store hours.

Here is the list of all participating artists and works selected for this show. Many are for sale. To find out more about any painting, please contact the artist directly; contact information is provided.

Betty Bird (585-385-8785): Lily Pond, watercolor, 16×14, $100; The World is Tilted, mixed media, 11×11, $90.

Doug Bloom: Deer at Dusk, Scott’s Place (Merit Award Winner), watercolor, 15×21, NFS; Sunset, Floodwood Mountain, watercolor, 15×21, NFS; Storm Warning, Ocracoke Island , watercolor, 15×21, NFS.

Victoria Brzustowicz (585-305-7350): Night at the Barn: In Synch, oil, 17×17, $490; Pied Piper (Best of Show), pastel, 11×14, $300; You Are My Sunshine, oil, 16×13, $350.

Vickie Coykendall (585-737-0526): Wild Roses, watercolor, 16×20, $250; Pretty Peony, watercolor, 19×23, $275.

Beverly Cronkite (585-586-9094): At the Dock, oil, 12×14, $100; Reflection, oil, 12×14, $100; Spinnakers, oil, 12×14, $100.

Linda Delaney: Rooftops-Croatia (Juror’s Award winner), watercolor, 20×15, NFS.

Ron DiMarco: Mya, watercolor, 16×20, NFS; Renaissance Man, watercolor, 16×20, NFS; Untitled, watercolor, NFS.

Susan Fredericks Hodes: An Afternoon with Pokey, watercolor, 18×22, NFS; Noodle and Sadie Mae, watercolor, 16×20, NFS.

Eileen Goldgeier (585-944-4455): Bubbles & Petals, alcohol ink, 16×19, NFS; Purple Majesty (Juror’s Award winner), alcohol ink, 16×19, NFS; Floating, alcohol ink, 15×19, $150.

Patricia Gough (585-739-8871): Crescent Beach, Oregon (Juror’s Award winner), oil, 13×16, $275; Erie Canal Sunset (Merit Award Winner), oil, 14×18, NFS.

Bobbie Gradl (585-519-3102): Honeoye Creek, watercolor, 20×26, $275; Coming In, watercolor, 20×26, $275; Spring, watercolor, 18×22, $250.

John Heister (585-624-7635): Sharon: Circa 1981, oil, 24×34, NFS; Fishing on the Galilee, oil, 25×20, NFS; Fall Sunset, watercolor, 19×16, $300.

Kathy Houston (315-310-1284): Slieve League, pastel, 18×24, $400; Cascades, pastel, 18×24, $400; Dad, conte crayon, 18×24, NFS.

Jane June (585-429-0004): Miss Love (Merit Award Winner), oil, 12×15, $150; Stone Soul, acrylic, 16×20, $150.

Yui Kinney (817-965-6673): Elephant in the Room, acrylic, 24×30, $500; Big Horn, acrylic, 24×30, $800.

Michael Kolb (585-310-7326): American Chaos, watercolor, 11×14, $60; Northern Lights, watercolor, 8.5×16, $50; Reflections of Imagination, watercolor, 11×14, $50.

Joan Krauszer (585-402-6875): Texture 5, watercolor, 14×18, $125.

Linda Marzano (585-766-8584): Autumn Preview (Merit Award Winner), alcohol ink, 11×14, $125; Autumn Stroll, pastel, 11×14, $125; Autumn Harvest, colored pencil, 11×14, $125.

Andrea Nadel (585-414-7847): Sunny Girl, oil, 13.5×17.5, $475; Ready to Harvest (Merit Award Winner), oil, 27.5×23.5, $875; Discovery (Juror’s Award winner), oil, 18.5×22.5, $950.

Marilyn Nosky (585-690-3316): Lamberton Hibiscus, alcohol ink, 8×10, $120; The Bean Gatherer, watercolor,16×20, NFS.

Helen Presberg: Time for Tulips, watercolor, 18×22, NFS; Cobbs Hill (Juror’s Award winner), watercolor, 18×22, NFS; Along the Brickyard Trail, watercolor, 15×18, NFS.

Gail Rivera (585-223-5804): Contemplate, acrylic, 20×16, $150; Joy, acrylic, 20×16, $150; Curiosity, acrylic, 20×16, $150.

Joan Roby-Davison: Water Springs Forth, watercolor, 18×22, NFS.

Patti Same (585-425-1508): Music in the Park, watercolor, 20×20, $400.

Teri Silsby (585-364-0617): Spring is Here (Juror’s Award winner), acrylic, 18×24, $250; Blue and Green, acrylic, 18×24, $250; Spring Bloom, acrylic, 24×30, $500.

Bob Winter: Linear Park II, oil, 16×20, NFS; First Snow, Corbett’s Glen, oil, 16×20, NFS.

Yeou-jih Yang (585-355-7017): One Fine Day, oil, 24×20, $300; Sunny Trail by the Bay, oil, 22×18, $325; Spring Creek, oil, 24×20, $300.