Congratulations to the

Winter 2023 Award Winners

What a beautiful show!  What amazing artwork PAA members produce!

Congratulations again to all the winners, well deserved. See you soon,  keep on painting!

Nancy Mallo and Susan Fredericks Hodes

Following are some pictures from our awards reception. To see all the winning paintings and our online exhibit, click here.

Nina Aranovich with painting

Nina Aranovich received the Body of Work award for three related paintings, including Green Fish.

Helen Presberg with painting

Helen Presberg received a Jurors Award for Findings in Florida.

Andrea Nadel with painting

Andrea Nadel won a Jurors Award for Dusk.

Karen Bader with painting

Karen Bader received a Juror’s Award for Walk Amongst the Clouds.

Shelley Simpson with painting

Shelley Simpson and Jurors Award winner, Camp in Winter.

Kathy Houston with painting

Kathy Houston received a Juror’s Award for Glads Rule.

Victoria Brzustowicz with painting

Victoria Brzustowicz received a Merit Award for Welcome, Neighbors.

Doug Bloom with painting

Doug Bloom received a Merit Award for Tangled Up, Cannon Beach, OR.

Yeou-jih Yang with painting

Yeou-jih Yang received a Merit Award for Ascending Trail.

Robin Annlot with painting

Robin Annlot’s Holiday Detritus No. 2 received a Merit Award.