In memory of PAA member, Clif Rice………

Feb 21, 2009Members' Area, News

FlagThe PAA is deeply saddened of the passing of our dear Clif Rice who touched many of our lives, and gave so generously to this club for many years. He will be sorely missed and we extend our deepest sympathies to Barb and his family.  God Speed Clif.

Special words from members:

‘I got to know more about the wonderful family they have raised and the truly diverse work and hobbies Clif had become dedicated to excelling in. Their family values and wholesome life stlye has been most impressive. I always felt secure and peaceful in Clif’s presence. Just a wonderful gentleman and friend. I know he rests in peace right now. An inspiration to persevere for us all ‘.  From PAA member Tom Sweeney.

‘I didn’t know Clif very well but he made such an impression on me.  When I read Tom Sweeney’s words they hit home with me as I somehow felt that through my brief encounters with dear Clif he was the man that Tom so eloquently described’.  From PAA member Suzi Zefting-Kuhn

‘Clif has done so much for the PAA. He will be missed greatly.’  From PAA member Barbara Jablonski

‘Clif was the best kind of friend a man can have, a Buddy.

Karl Corder and I would go to paint in Clif’s basement studio while solving the world’s problems, have many laughs, and sometimes even do some painting before retiring to the kitchen to discuss the relative merits of the Dunkin Donuts found there.

The Corders, Rices, Pat and I met at the PAA and found that we shared an interest in “old time” music as well as art. We got together often to play those songs we loved, with Clif leading with his rich voice and playing one of the many guitars that he had built himself. He built hammer and mountain dulcimers as well and it seemed as though there wasn’t anything that he couldn’t do. When Clif could no longer join in, we put the music in hold, but now in his honor I think we will start getting together again.

We will all sorely miss this good, gentle, and talented man. ‘

From PAA member Jim McGuire