Leah Ormaechea is PAA’s 2024 Student Award Winner

Leah Omachea

Leah Ormaechea is Penfield Art Association’s 2024 Student Award recipient. A senior at Penfield High School, Leah has been painting since elementary school and plans to pursue her passion for visual arts in college and beyond.

In her art, she primarily uses acrylic and oil paint to capture moments of everyday life, but she also likes to experiment with more abstract concepts using digital media.

“I like to capture snapshots of mundane moments, focusing especially on the human form and experience that we share. No matter the era, location, or culture, I believe that all people can connect over the stresses and joys of everyday life. I have recently been inspired by childhood photos and hope to create more pieces inspired by these memories.”

She has worked with local agencies and Hispanic organizations, creating logos, posters, and a newsletter to highlight themes of resilience and pride, awareness about safety issues, and information on voting rights. She appreciates being a part of a bigger movement, working with others and using her skills to contribute to the community.

Leah’s art has been exhibited at Nazareth University, Rochester Institute of Technology, the Creative Workshop at the Memorial Art Gallery, and at the Rochester City Hall’s Link Gallery.

Some of her work will be featured at the PAA Spring 2024 Show June 3-8 at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road.

PAA has presented a cash award to a PHS senior each year since 1976. The recipient, selected by Penfield High School’s art faculty, is a student who has shown excellence in visual art.

Works by Leah Ormaechea

Noodles by Leah Omachea

Noodles (above) and Fish Woman (above right), oil, by Leah Ormaechea

Fish Woman by Leah Omachea

At right, a watercolor still life by Leah Ormaechea

Car Scene (below), acrylic, by Leah Ormaechea

Car Scene by Leah Omachea
Still Life by Leah Omachea