PAA Leadership Team Descriptions


The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and meetings of the Executive Board. He (she) shall cause notice to be given to members of a scheduled meeting either by announcing in the Association newsletter (no longer being printed- all info on the PAA website) or asking the Secretary to inform members. He (she) shall appoint such standing Committees as may be needed to carry on the business of the Association. He (she) shall perform such other duties as customarily pertain to the office of President, or as he (she) may be directed to perform by the Executive Board. 

Vice President

The Vice President shall have  all powers, authority and duties of the President during his (her) absence or inability to act. He (she) shall also act as assistant to the President and perform such other functions as directed by the Executive Board. 


The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds, securities, valuable papers, and other intangible assets of the Association. He (she) shall provide and maintain full and complete records of all assets and liabilities of the Association. He (she) shall prepare and submit at the annual meeting a financial statement of the condition of the Association as of the last day of the last year. He (she) shall manage the income and payment of invoices associated with shows and exhibitions, and prepare such tax reports as local, state and federal agencies may require and he (she) shall perform such other duties as customarily pertain to the office of Treasurer. Funds received by any member of the Association for the Association shall be promptly given to the Treasurer for deposit. 


The Secretary shall prepare and maintain full minutes of all meetings of the members and the Executive Board. He (she) shall conduct correspondence of the Association as directed by the President and perform such other duties as customarily pertain to the office of Secretary.

Membership chair

Responsible for preparing membership brochures and applications and for maintaining the membership database and publishing a directory of members annually. The Membership Chair is responsible for having member name tags created and  making them available at meetings and exhibitions, and for taking attendance at meetings. 

Programs Chair

Responsible for selecting guest artist presenters for each regular Association meeting. He (she) shall ensure that demonstrators are paid promptly. 

Publicity Chair

Responsible for sending notices and news releases to local news media and social media regarding Association exhibitions, award winners and other activities. 

Friendship News Chair

Responsible for communicating information regarding illness or death of an Association member or their immediate families and sending appropriate cards to the member or member’s family.

Newsletter editor

Responsible for working with the president to prepare and distribute a timely publication containing news of club and member activities.

Property Master/Audio

Responsible for maintaining the inventory list and location of important Association assets. Also responsible for providing an audio system as needed at scheduled membership meetings and art shows. Responsible for storage of equipment and assets.


Responsible for receiving entry forms for all shows, entering the information into the show database, and preparing all lists and printed materials needed for show management.

Website Coordinator

Responsible for creating and maintaining content for the PAA website ( and working with the website management consultant regarding technical issues related to the website.

Show Chairs

PAA presents three exhibits (spring, fall and winter) of members’ work each year. Two co-chairs organize each show. Responsibilities of the show co-chairs include: securing the space for each show, coordinating with the venue management, setting up subcommittees for show tasks,  finding qualified judges, overseeing creation of  printed programs, obtaining awards, and other duties as outlined in the manuals for each show.

Rotating Exhibit and Displays Chair(s)

Responsible for arranging for members to exhibit at Association-sponsored locations. He (she) shall keep records of exhibitors and ensuring the smooth transition of shows.