Winners of PAA 2020 Winter Show Awards Announced

Feb 6, 2020News

Awards were presented to 13 members of the Penfield Art Association for work in the 2020 Winter Show in the Community Room at Barnes & Noble, 3349 Monroe Ave., Pittsford, N.Y. The juror for the show was Rochester artist g. a. Sheller.

Best of Show winner “Wendy, Rivka and Sue” by Brenda Lyness.

Best of Show went to Brenda Lyness for her painting Wendy, Rivka and Sue.

Joy Argento was awarded a Body of Work award in recognition of three of her oil paintings. (See below)

Juror’s Awards went to:
Past Reflections, Joy Argento; Sunday Morning Canal, Victoria Brzustowicz; Guitar Man, Susan Fredericks Hodes; Gunsmoke, Kathy Houston; Glass Grid No. 1, Joan Krauszer; In the Neighborhood, Helen Presberg.

Merit Awards went to:
Running Wild, Chloe Bennett-Larson; Your Flight is Ready, Betty Bird; Happy Winter Pond, John Heister; Left to Chance, Doris Hooker; Bleeding Heart, Yui Kinney; Hanging Out, Andrea Nadel.

The show continues through Saturday, Feb. 29, open during store hours, 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

A total of 74 paintings by 31 artists were entered. The juror, g.a. Sheller, is recognized nationally for her work blending watercolor and photography. Sheller has received numerous awards in national exhibitions, has shown her work throughout the U.S. and England and been featured in Watercolor Artist magazine.

Following is a list of all paintings in the show. Many are for sale. To find out more, please contact the artist.

Joy Argento (585-734-8764): Past Reflections, $425 (Juror’s Award); Building Up, $325; Sweetness, $400. (Body of Work award for these three paintings, shown below.)

Chloe Bennett-Larson (585-586-6761): Running Wild, $125 (Merit Award); You’ve Got Mail, Sold.

Betty Bird (585-385-8785): Caps St. Mary’s, $125; Your Flight is Ready, $90 (Merit Award); Quidi Vidi, $100.

Victoria Brzustowicz (585-305-7350): Sunday Morning Canal, $275 (Juror’s Award); Day Lily Garden, $425; A Quiet Place, $275.

Beverly Cronkite (585-586-9094): Trees 1, Trees 2, Trees 3, All Sold.

Linda Delaney (585-242-4896) Sledding at Cobbs Hill, NFS.

Corky Geck (585-248-2306): Flowers in Blue Vase, $350; Heron Fishing, $350; Flamingos and Friends, $350.

Eileen Goldgeier (585-944-4455): Magical, NFS; A Touch of Gold, $150; Field of Dreams, $150.

Patricia Gough (585-739-8871): Giverny, NFS; HSH34, NFS; Depoe Bay, NFS.

John Heister (585-624-7635): Happy Winter Pond, $350 (Merit Award); Ferns at Sunset, $300; End of Autumn, $500.

Susan Fredericks Hodes (585-314-9818): Guitar Man, NFS (Juror’s Award); Heirloom, $175.

Doris Hooker (585-586-2942): Abandoned, $200; Island in the Sky, $200; Left to Chance, $200 (Merit Award).

Kathy Houston (315-926-5652): Gunsmoke, NFS (Juror’s Award).

Jane June (585-429-0004): Day Dreams, $175; Untitled, $175.

Yui Kinney (817-965-6673): Send the lolus back to heaven, $450; Bleeding Heart, Sold (Merit Award).

Joan Krauszer (585-402-6875): Glass/Grid No. 1, $150 (Juror’s Award).

Brenda Lyness (585-520-8994): Wendy, Rivka and Sue, $275 (Best of Show).

Joey McCall (585-248-5504): Burst of Red, $55; Marshland Dusk, $75.

Andrea Nadel (585-414-7847): Hanging Out, $450 (Merit Award); Anticipation, $450.

Marilyn Nosky (585-690-3316): Tangerine Skies, $100; Cockscombs, Sold.

Helga Peck (585-586-8774): The Incline, Colorado, NFS.

Helen Presberg: In the Neighborhood, NFS (Juror’s Award); February in Florida, NFS; Along East Avenue, NFS.

Gail Rivera (585-223-5804): Broken Vase, $450; In the Deep, $150.

Joan Roby-Davison (585-899-9552): Seneca Lake Pumpkins, NFS.

Teri Silsby (585-586-5772): Circle Around, $250; Barcelona, $250.

Elaine Tannous (585-705-7987): Tree at the Lake, NFS; Forever Trees, NFS.

Kathleen Tickner (585-787-1323): Happy Little Bumble Bee! $325.

Leslie Werlin (585-749-9290): Aquatic Dream, NFS; Arial Courtship, NFS; La La Palooza, $150.

Yeou-jih Yang (585-381-5621): Sunset at Charlotte Beach, NFS; Sena, NFS;
Happy Bouquet, $150.

The co-chairs for this show are Linda Delaney of Rochester and Suzanne Markham of Penfield.

Formed in 1963, the Penfield Art Association today has more than 80 members from throughout the Rochester area. The organization is open to artists of all skill levels and anyone interested in the two-dimensional visual arts.

Joy Argento received a Body of Work award for her three oil paintings.